Toodaloo Enamel Pin Blind Bag
Toodaloo Enamel Pin Blind Bag

Toodaloo Enamel Pin Blind Bag

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Limit of 3 per person. While supplies last, you will not receive duplicates for the first hour after release.

Your Order Contains One of the Following:

  • 1 LE 31 "Thing 3" enamel pin on Blue Chrome metal                                                                                OR
  • LE 31 "Bonkers" enamel pin on Rainbow Anodized metal                                                                      OR
  • 1 LE 31 "Bendy" pin on Painted Black metal


  • 1 Toodaloo slap
  • Dizzy Mark slap (on the outside of the package, peel it off and stick it anywhere!)


  • 1 free LE 55 bottle of "Ghosts N' Garlic" small batch hot sauce (1 per person while supplies last) - All Sauce Is Gone



  • Each pin comes affixed to a hand-numbered, variant-specific backing card with a velvet finish
  • Original art and production by Dizzy Design Studio (Dayna Zrinski x Casey Landry)
  • Ghosts N' Garlic was homegrown and homemade from seed to sauce in Baton Rouge, Louisiana by Casey and Dayna. It is a 6-month fermentation of Baton Reapers (Organic Ghost Pepper hybrid). Ingredients: Baton Reapers, onions, garlic, black garlic, white truffle-infused olive oil, black truffle powder, soy sauce, mirin, white wine vinegar, honey, tomato paste, ginger, green onion, organic toasted sesame oil, herbs and spices. This product contains wheat and soy. It's vegan!