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Dizzy Design is focused on bringing you the highest quality productions of artwork from the minds of Dayna "Dizzy" Zrinski and Casey Landry. Extreme attention to detail and a lifetime spent pursuing the arts help to ensure that every Dizzy Design will stand out in your collection.

Stay tuned and Stay Dizzy!

"Dizzy Design has the most bonkers inventions. Haphazard and genius. I mean, it's proven technology but they are tampering with god!"

"Can't wait to add more to my Dizzy arsenal! Fire pieces!"

"Coming home from Lost Lands and seeing this beauty [in the mail] made my day. "

Duck Duck Ghost

Purrpetual Motion Paradox

Deep Sea Dangler

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About Us

Dizzy Design is the artistic skills of Dayna Zrinski (DZ = Dizzy) paired with the marketing and narrative brainpower of Casey Landry. Together, we are concocting an experience for our collectors who want top-notch art with a deeper story that builds across the series. We have big ideas and even bigger things planned, with a few surprises— it's going to be a fun year!

Time Changes

Yin Yang (LE 150), Blueberry (LE 75), Silver Raw (LE15)

Lord Cosmopus

Ink (LE 100), Tidal (LE 75), Pride (LE 50), Murder (LE 25), Antique Copper (LE15)

Deepsea Dangler

Badfish Blue (LE 100), Tik Tok (LE 75), Prisma (LE 50), Killbot (LE 25), Antique Bronze (LE15)

Purrpetual Motion Paradox

Tabby (LE 100), Cheshire (LE 75), Creme Kitty (LE 50), Cosmic Kitty (LE 25), Antique Rawr (LE 15)